Pace of City development concerns

Letter in the North Shore News today, quoting in part:

Many residents in the city are asking what benefits are coming from all this rush to densify? We have asked before, and now ask again: How will North Vancouver be a better place to live by increasing the population so quickly over the next 20 years? What’s wrong with steady growth at a pace we can accommodate, in terms of the increases in services amenities and infrastructure that we’ll need? We’re not confident that this council’s eagerness to approve more condo developments is matched by TransLink’s willingness to increase transit service, or the provincial government’s willingness to expand our only hospital. Where will our new parks come from? How long before we get a new recreation centre to serve our aging population?

The apparent bias in favour of densification, combined with this council’s philosophy on leveraging density bonusing to achieve social objectives, and its recent track record for approving almost every request to override the limits of the existing OCP – by our count, 15 times over the past couple of years – leaves us concerned that our community is being pushed in a direction that most residents would not support if they were ever asked directly.

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One response to “Pace of City development concerns

  1. Densification: too much too soon. Add the noise of more people, more cars and more construction to the noise of the trains and we will be forced to move away from the city.

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