Letter to NS Outlook re Polygon proposal

Copy of a letter to North Shore Outlook re Polygon proposal (not yet published):

Dear Editor:
As a resident of West 4th between Mahon and Chesterfield for the past 10 years, I was quite shocked at a proposed 18 story high rise  for West 1st by Polygon Development.  It is also alarming how the community plan is so quickly changed from industrial to residential, from low rise to towers so quickly in the City.
I had been under the impression that any building west of Chesterfield was not supposed to go above 5 levels, however, it would seem that once again when developers snap their fingers the majority on City Council ask how high they should jump.
The area between West 1st and 4th that face south have enjoyed gradual height up the hill which enabled some view of the City, sunny decks in the summer and privacy.  Many of these buildings are strata owned by the residents and tend to be on the affordable side, the sale of these units would not give a large financial choice to purchase other properties in North Vancouver.  
I find it extremely offensive that one member of council has stated that “people do not have the right to own their views, nor is it the concern of council if high rises create shading on surrounding buildings”.   I quess we also do not have the right to privacy and looking a big huge block of cement is with many eyes looking down at us is something that we also do not have a right to question. The comments from this council member is not only extremely arrogant but also shows a complete disrespect for the people that he is supposed to be representing at the present time.
It might be also noted that a lot of the people who live in this area are from the Philippines.  They have worked very hard for their homes and are probably sacrificing even more now to help their loved ones in the typhoon ravaged home country.
Is it not a bit hypocritical for council to show such concern for what has happened in these peoples’ homeland but have so very little concern about what development might do in a very negative way to their homes in North Vancouver?
Sue  Lakes Cook


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