Civil service must be apolitical

Civil service must be apolitical.

Article in The Province talking about the City of Vancouver but somewhat relevant in the City of North Van, quoting in part:

Vision politicians spend a lot of time claiming they must support staff reports on issues, but that’s nonsense if the reports simply say what Vision has ordered staff to recommend.

This should disturb voters and taxpayers of all political stripes because it means your tax dollars are no longer paying for what you deserve – objective, professional work at city hall. Your taxes are being used to pay to push through Vision’s agenda, even when it makes questionable sense or isn’t what the public wants (or what professional staff, free to express themselves, would support).

Vision’s control of the bureaucracy is just one part of their strategy, which includes the late distribution of reports promoting big changes to the city or neighbourhoods to prevent public debate, ignoring neighbourhood wishes and often curtailing full debate on issues at council. The overall strategy is why the city is being sued by community centre associations and why neighbourhood activists from Point Grey to Boundary Road are screaming in frustration at a lack of real consultation.

All this is occurring, as has been said before, because Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision are not simply municipal politicians interested in providing sensible civic government. They are environmental activists with a particular focus on our society’s necessary use of fossil fuels. They often appear not to care about the people of Vancouver and their actual needs or what the majority in our democracy wants. They have seized city hall only to push their radical environmental cause with your money.

Unfortunately, all this will hurt taxpayers. When Vision ultimately loses power, many of the current partisan civil servants will have to be fired, likely with payouts, and many Vision changes to Vancouver will need to be undone at great cost.

Hopefully, one day a civic leader will emerge who will return a full measure of professionalism to Vancouver City Hall.


One response to “Civil service must be apolitical

  1. Yes I read it this morning. I thought about Richard White and the Planning Dept.

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