Letter to Council re Gambling motion

Letter sent Dec 12th:

To:  Mayor and Council, City of North Vancouver
Further to the motion passed at Council on December 2nd related to Playtime Gambling:
Moved by Councillor Keating, seconded by Councillor Bell 
 THAT the correspondence of Arthur Villa, Coordinator Business Development, 
Playtime Gaming, dated November 5, 2013, regarding a “Development 
Proposal,” be received and referred to staff to bring forward a report on social 
and economic impacts, related to gaming, as experienced by other 
A recorded vote was taken on the motion. 
Voting in favour:
 Councillor Bell 
 Councillor Buchanan 
 Councillor Clark 
 Councillor Heywood 
 Councillor Keating 
 Mayor Mussatto 
Voting against: Councillor Bookham 
We thought perhaps you could refer staff to these resources, in order to save time and money.
The most relevant is the Provincial Health Officer’s report entitled “Lower the Stakes” available at:
There were also two articles in the Vancouver Sun yesterday. Of particular interest is the fact that the most addictive is slot gambling, and the recommendations that establishments be placed away from residential developments.
We would also anticipate that you would challenge some of the statistics presented by recent delegations – i.e. that 50% of North Vancouver residents regular visit gaming establishments in Vancouver, and also the stats presented in the LLBA delegation regarding participation in meetings.
Toni Bolton for
North Van City Voices



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