Public Meeting re NV Shipyard Heritage


Topic: Flamborough Head stern and Shipyard Development

Members of the North Shore Historical Society and residents of the North Shore have pinned me down insisting we talk about the direction the redevelopment of our waterfront is taking.  The recent announcement that the stern of the Flamborough Head is to be broken up makes clear that the current vision is not to include acknowledgement of North Vancouver’s proud industrial/shipbuilding heritage. 

Since the 1990s the vision has been for a museum anchoring a tourism oriented waterfront.  The evacuated shipyard offered large buildings and open spaces suitable for exhibits, meetings, and performance activities around a heritage/industrial theme.  Preparation of the site involved removal of industrial waste.  Heritage buildings were designated.   Artifacts – cranes, Flamborough Head stern, museum pieces – were assembled.  The Burrard pier was renovated for public use.  A developer was contracted to deliver buildings closed up against the weather.  The Pipe Shop and the Copper Shop were closed up, the Machine Shop demolished.  With the global economic downturn thoughts of a national maritime museum have slowly evaporated.  Yet the idea of waterfront redevelopment around a historical/heritage/maritime theme remains sound. Indeed the recent announcements of major shipbuilding here for another 30 years makes the identity of North Vancouver centered on a maritime oriented cultural facility a more valid vision than ever before.  BUT that is not where City Hall is going.

If this concerns you, come and have your thoughts heard.

John Stuart, president.
7:00pm Wednesday January 8
North Vancouver Museum & Archives
COMMUNITY HISTORY CENTRE, 3203 Institute Road, North Vancouver

7 responses to “Public Meeting re NV Shipyard Heritage


    Can you pls have this ugly yellow crane removed from the piazza? We want a park. We want playground for our children. We want sidewalk cafe to enjoy the lovely view of downtown. We don’t want a museum. And we don’t want a casino which would bring nothing but more crime and corruption on the North Shore!

    The people of North Vancouver need to be heard! Not just the politicians.

    Marie-Claire Gowmon


    • Heather Lapierre

      And how long have you lived in North Vancouver?

    • Jennifer Pantel

      Yes, a park and playground are a must. One or more sidewalk cafes would be fantastic. We can have all of this AND a museum. When it is raining, we can take our children inside to play (and learn) in the museum’s Kids Gallery!

      • Terry McAlduff

        If people want more information on the new kind of museum being planned to occupy the Pipe Shop Building in Shipbuilders Square, they can go to the new museum blog and sign up to receive updates on an ongoing basis. If it goes ahead as planned, it will be a 21st century interactive museum where our children and grandchildren can return again and again to discover their community’s past and explore its present. (as opposed to what some people think of museums as being full of dusty old things) And a discovery centre that will be a source of tourism value for our community.

      • northvancityvoices

        Just saw the Mayor on the News saying “people don’t come to see things now, they come to do things” speaking of the Flamborough Head removal. Have to wonder who’s advising him, and what his attitude will do for the tourism sector.

    • I am sorry but that negative thought about the beautiful crane got my dander up. My wife and I have lived in North Vancouver for 70+ years and have developed quite an affinity to the area in question. My wife worked in payroll at Burrard Drydock/Versatile from the time she graduated until the time it closed. Her father was a painter and my father a welder at the ‘Yard ‘ as was my uncle . To have someone brush this heritage off so crassly needed a rebuttal .

      What North Van. could use is something to draw people to the area and at the same time pay tribute to the value that the Shipyard contributed toward the growth of this wonderful part of Greater Vancouver. I am not convinced that a playground for children would be the complete answer as neither are volley-ball courts !

      Sidewalk cafes sound nice and playgrounds as well but don’t discount the value of heritage to draw visitors to the area and help it become more alive. Half the fun of Granville Island is the funkiness of the whole location . And yes we don’t need a casino but then I haven’t heard that one has been thought of ? Let’s lighten up a bit and not write the past off so quickly.
      Barry Markle

      • My recent correspondence with North Vancouver’s mayor…

        From: “Darrell Mussatto (Mayor)”
        Subject: Re: Flamborough Head
        Date: January 9, 2014 at 9:37:14 AM PST
        To: “ned***”

        Stop looking in the mirror Neddy old boy!

        On Jan 8, 2014, at 11:53 PM, “ned***” wrote:

        “People don’t really just come to see things now, they come to do things”

        Really??!! What is this insightful comment based on? Surveys, data or the number of people hanging out at the Starbucks next door?

        Do people go to the Vancouver Art Gallery to play with Emily Carr paintings?

        Is there a water park at Stonehenge?

        Rock climbing on the Sphinx anybody?

        We may not have the historic monuments of the old world but this is still part of our history. It represents the blood, sweat and tears of the blue-collar workers who help build the country, province and city the upon which those condos, and you poorly articulated mayorship rests.

        Surely a creative solution could have been found to preserve this artifact as a unique public monument. But I guess you were too busy looking for other things to do.


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