The Wendy Sarkissian Conversation

Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

I had a long day today debating and listening to debates about densification.

Ned Jacobs, Jane Jacobs’ son, invited a few of us from the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods to his place for brunch to chat with Wendy Sarkissian, author and urban planner, in advance of her lecture this afternoon.  We spent a jolly couple of hours talking about community planning, the pressures of international financial speculation, and enjoying Ned and Mary’s barbecued salmon and other delicacies.

We then trundled down to the Mount Pleasant Community Centre to join about 45 others — a very good gathering on a pleasant Sunday afternoon — for the lecture.  George Affleck, Peter Armstrong and a couple of other NPAers were in the audience, as was Bill McCreery of TEAM. I’m sure there were some Vision listeners too, but they didn’t identify themselves.

Wendy-Sarkissian-headshot-2013Wendy began by discussing the current situation in Sydney, Melbourne…

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