In Camera Reflections: Pondering Council’s Predilection for Closed Session Discussion

The North Van Urban Forum

On Saturday the 18th of January a group of concerned citizens roused themselves on the North Van waterfront, to rally in support of the stern of the Flamborough Head – the last of the Victory ships, and visible reminder of North Vancouver’s proud ship building heritage.


The Flamborough Head has had a complicated history in this city – salvaged by a previous council and erected to be a monument to the rich history of the area, and intended to serve as a centrepiece of industrial art in a re-purposed waterfront district. It was erected with much fanfare and back pounding, and its existence was once celebrated as one of the few certainties in the redevelopment of the waterfront, and the much balleyhooed Lot 5 (the empty lot surrounded by chain link fence [empty except some temporary beach volleyball courts, of course] adjacent to the ship’s stern in question).IMG_0289

Indeed, in…

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