District of North Van pitches Amalgamation

Editorial from the North Shore News:

It’s back, and not just in disgruntled letters to the editor and coffee shop chit-chat.

Amalgamation became an issue again when the District of North Vancouver passed a motion Monday calling for a fresh study into the matter with an eye on a potential November referendum.

Our local governments do a fairly good job of co-operating with each other but it is baffling to watch them squabble over amenities – like pools and other recreation centres – enjoyed equally by residents on both sides of an arbitrary border. It also makes no sense for the three municipalities to make plans in isolation.

The arguments against amalgamation are familiar and, at times, persuasive: It costs money to do it. It’s messy to reconcile, especially at first. Costs tend to go up in each area to match whoever has the pricier services, not the other way around. But those observations come from much larger city amalgamations and it’s been too long since this was last studied in detail on the North Shore. It’s time to find out if the old arguments still hold water.

When a similar motion comes before City of North Vancouver council, we’ll be watching closely.

We say: form a committee and let it do its work. Make the arguments based on the conclusions of a new study and let residents have a say in the matter.

Maybe we’ll decide another 107 years of the status quo makes sense, but we won’t know for certain until we look and ask members of the community what they want. Getting this done by Nov. 4 municipal elections is an ambitious – and somewhat unlikely – task, but a step in the right direction.

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– See more at: http://www.nsnews.com/opinion/editorial/editorial-together-again-1.814058#sthash.QNecofEX.dpuf



From the North Shore News and quoting in part:

The District of North Vancouver may try to join together what was torn asunder a century ago.

On Monday night council voted in favour of establishing an apolitical committee to investigate amalgamating the City and District of North Vancouver, as well as West Vancouver.

The move comes as Coun. Guy Heywood prepares to introduce a similar motion to City of North Vancouver council.

“We, of the North Shore communities, have to get away from this vulcanized system of government,” said district Coun. Doug MacKay-Dunn, who brought the motion forward.

Amalgamation could help to allay unsustainable increases faced by taxpayers as well as integrating planning departments across the North Shore, according to MacKay-Dunn.

– See more at: http://www.nsnews.com/district-of-north-vancouver-pitches-amalgamation-1.813558#sthash.Ek3ojVcu.dpuf


One response to “District of North Van pitches Amalgamation

  1. The main problem on the north shore is out of control development. This is a disease that must be controlled. The only possible way to solve this problem is to elect the mayors and councillors who will deal with the problem. The candidates that have the right policies will be elected without being obligated to those who donate questionable campaign funding. We, the citizens of the North Shore want someone to represent US!
    We only have two bridges and apparently developers don’t care about thousands of more vehicles trying to commute. ONLY TWO BRIDGES.

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