Disposable City?

From The Globe and Mail, article about demolitions in Vancouver, applicable to the City of North Vancouver as well:

Demolitions have become the norm in Vancouver, with the issuance of 1,084 demolition permits last year, according to the city. It’s as if the history of Vancouver is being sent to the scrap bin, a disposable city. The house that once stood has been torn down in exchange for a bigger, flashier house that won’t be occupied by more people. In fact, many of the new houses stand vacant for several years, creating a ghost streetscape feel. If ecodensity is the city’s goal, then sending solid houses to the landfill in exchange for bigger ones would seem to be the contradiction.

Read more:http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/home-and-garden/real-estate/vancouver-demolitions-are-a-whole-other-kind-of-loss/article16752417/

One response to “Disposable City?

  1. I wonder who is suggesting high rises? Who is the question???

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