Public Input #2 to Council Feb 17/14

Public input from Linda Heese to Council on February 17:


Draft OCP Process

There has been a lot of time and effort put into the CityShaping process which I appreciate but from a participant point of view it has been very frustrating. I attended most sessions – including the one where we were directed to place dozens of density dots on the City map. It has been too much one-way communication – not enough dialogue.

The resulting Draft OCP shows huge densification everywhere not reflecting what many people were saying at the sessions. The OCP feedback forms are much too high level asking if you ‘support the goals and directions’ of various components – this does not provide useful feedback.

What is needed:

There needs to be more discussion on the base numbers for population and dwellings. This plan is based on 2011 numbers. Counting developments currently underway since 2011, our City is already near the 2031 target numbers. Therefore a very gradual and careful densification plan is called for.

There needs to be more information and discussion at a detailed level about the specific FSR and heights in this plan. The Land Use Map and Density Bonusing Scheme would result in very aggressive densification throughout the City – huge changes in all neighbourhoods.

There needs to be specific discussions with immediate neighbours about sites that are drastically changed like the Telus site and the east side of Eastern Ave. People are shocked when they understand what these changes would mean. The Map does not take into account the character of our neighbourhoods. These changes look like they are developers’ wishes – not the community’s.

In summary, we need more detailed discussions – and we need to be able to make changes.

This is a Community Plan.


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