Flamborough Head motion March 3 and video

Motion to come before Council Mar 3 re Flamborough Head submitted by Councillor Bookham:

WHEREAS North Vancouver City Council voted last week to scrap the stern of the Flamborough Head rather than fulfill the long term plan to preserve it on the Shipyard Heritage Site as a monument to the women and men who built over 300 Victory Ships during WWII and to those men who sailed these ships, many of whom perished;

WHEREAS the decision was made with such haste that those who wished to preserve the stern for active display as part of our new Waterfront Vision were not given sufficient time to meet the challenge to secure additional financial support to complete the project as envisioned;

AND WHEREAS the additional cost of moving the stern to its current temporary location came from funds provided by the Province for the National Maritime Centre that the City was allowed to keep on the understanding that the funds would be used to promote the North Vancouver’s rich maritime heritage;

AND WHEREAS it was always understood that additional costs would be incurred to provide a permanent structure for displaying the Flamborough Head stern;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City rescind the motion to scrap the stern and direct staff to report back on various options for integrating the stern in the building proposed for the east side of Lot 5 or at some other location at the Shipyards.

Should the motion above fail,

WHEREAS  the initial cost of preserving the stern was provided by the following: City of North Vancouver ($300,000); Province of BC ($150,000); Government of Canada ($40,000); NV Museum and Archives ($10,000); Friends of the Museum ($20,000); Washington Marine Group ($15,000); Marine Workers & Boilermakers Industrial Union ($34,000)

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the money received from the senior levels of government, the NV Museum and Archives, the Friends of the Museum, Washington Marine Group and the Marine Workers & Boilermakers Industrial Union be returned with interest.

Following is a post from the North Van Design Jam sponsored by the North Van Urban Forum “Project Waterfront” led by Gary Penway, Director of Community Development in the fall of 2012.



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