Lower Lonsdale vision October 2004

Councillor Mussatto 2004: Kids water park summer, ice rink winter –

Quoting from Gordon Price/Derek Moscato’s electronic newsletter

Lower Lonsdale dated October 2004:


A massive redevelopment plan in the area is going to see
as many as ten thousand new residents move in to the
area during the next half-decade or so. New building
developments, including highrises and restored or partially
preserved heritage buildings, means that the changes are
as much visual as they are demographic.
Parking lots and former industrial sites are giving way to
those shiny, happy condominium towers that are all the
rage across the Inlet. But don’t expect the transformation
of this neighbourhood to become the overnight success
that Yaletown/False Creek North has become.

The cornerstone of the area’s transformation, a $100-million
redevelopment of the 20-acre waterfront site that was
formerly home to the Versatile Shipyards, is delayed in a
serious way. Many of the public amenities that were
promised to the City of North Vancouver over a year ago,
including a public pier, have yet to arrive. Locals are still
watching and waiting for a museum, parks, galleries, public
plazas and waterfront walkways to arrive.
Municipal politicians and bureaucrats, not surprisingly, have
become antsy. If the shipyards project goes sideways or
bust, decades of planning will have been all for naught. And
the foundation of the Lower Lonsdale transformation is lost
for at least another half-decade, or so argue the naysayers.

Response from the Mayor in the subsequent newsletter:

I think Derek Moscato did a good job visiting Lower
Lonsdale and telling our story … I can safely say that this is
the most complex deal the city has ever been involved in and
much more than anyone originally first thought. Some (say)
that we are moving too fast, while others say we are moving
too slow….
I would be most interested to find out what you think we
should do with the foot of Lonsdale. The planners want yet
another plaza and to spend a lot of money creating it. What
would you think of a kid’s water park in the summer and
perhaps an outdoor ice sheet in the winter? …



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