Council Conduct – Meeting Mar 3rd

We had previously published the following motion which came before Council last night.

An amended motion did pass with the support of Councillors Bell, Bookham, Clark and Heywood.  During discussion of the motion, it seems that the Mayor and Councillor Keating took to twitter to express their displeasure.  Earlier in the meeting at public input the Mayor had attempted to silence Mr. Kerry Morris,  the video is available here:

Mr. Morris has now written to Council, letter follows:



March 4th 2013

Via Fax(604) 985-9417

The Corporation of the

City of North Vancouver

141 West 14th Street

North Vancouver, BC, V7M 1H9


Attention: Mayor and Council, City of North Vancouver, and City Clerk


Re: Council Conduct


On March 3rd 2014 I appeared before council during the Public Input Period. While in the midst of my presentation, Mayor Mussatto interrupted my presentation to caution me about my conduct, and my requirement under the rules to maintain a level of respect about how I was making reference to a particular councillor. In the end Mayor Mussatto was compelled to admit that I had in fact done nothing wrong, and I was allowed to continue and complete my presentation.


Upon waking this morning, I learned that later that same evening, during the debate on the Notice of Motion brought by Councillor Heywood on the topic of the City and District study to explore further economic cooperation, Mayor Mussatto and Councillor Keating were engaging in “Twitter” communications when they should have properly been focusing on the topic on which their colleagues were speaking.


Of specific note are the following two “tweets” which I now quote by display below: 


WTF?! Bookham,Bell, Clark and Heywood buy into District of
#northvancouver plan to absorb City thru amalgamation. Save us!  


funny how we are fooled by the word “restructure.” It means amalgamation everyone!


When I made further enquiry as to when exactly these “tweets” had been sent, I received confirmation that Councillor Keating’s “tweet” occurred at 9:37 PM. This fact is evidenced in the copy of that “tweet’ containing the time reference as set out below:

craig – 9.37pm Craig Keating ‏@CraigKeatingNV  

WTF?! Bookham,Bell, Clark and Heywood buy into District of

plan to absorb City thru amalgamation. Save us!

The acronym “WTF” is an abbreviation for the term “What The Fuck”.


The conduct expected of a councillor or Mayor is no different than the conduct expected of any other person while in council chambers. That is to say that everyone is compelled to conduct themselves in a manner which is both professional and respectful.


The “tweet” of councillor Keating is a clear and egregious breach of that duty. The fact that he made these comments about other councillors, using inappropriate language, while sitting at the council table, during an active session of council, and the Mayor had full knowledge of this fact and said and did nothing, is not just an insult to all those who names were mentioned in the “tweet”, but it is also an insult upon me.


I was called out and given a brief lecture on treading to close to the line with my comments, but when the foot went well across the line by a sympathetic member of the Mayor’s slate, the moment was allowed to pass without a rebuke by the Mayor, and a full and complete apology to everyone by Councillor Keating.


My father, who all of you knew well, used to say that everyone is entitled to respect until such time as they display conduct which results in a loss to that entitlement. Councillor Keating, Mayor Mussatto, you owe me and your fellow councillors, and the public at large a full and complete apology, and you have both lost any entitlement you may have had to my respect !


Further, I believe it would now be appropriate for this council to bring forward a Motion to cause council members to stay engaged and pay attention to their fellow council members when they are making presentation. That means no more “tweeting” during council. To do otherwise is rude and disrespectful. I would have thought this was conduct not requiring a policy, but it would appear I was wrong!



Kerry Morris


Cc North Shore News



3 responses to “Council Conduct – Meeting Mar 3rd

  1. Amalgamation with the District of North Vancouver is not a good idea, their finances are in terrible shape, whereas the City of North Vancouver has a much healthier financial situation.

  2. CANDIDATES for the City and District of North Vancouver. When you go to the printers, please specify what your policies are. We absolutely have to know where you stand on
    the over development of OUR NORTHSHORE

  3. Sounds to me like certain members of our present councillors are a wee bit upset about not keeping their jobs. The elections will “save us!”

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