Could this be what the City of North Van looks like in 2041?

Voices had asked City planners the following question (related to Q&A posted yesterday):

Note regarding question #8- we have been advised that with the potential height of the buildings on Lonsdale, from the Seabus the mountains would not necessarily be visible.  Would it be possible to prepare a 3D model for the benefit of the community?

Response from CNV:

As for the 3D modeling, we do not currently have that planned as part of the CityShaping project but we have been building up some capacity in that area (we need staff fluent in how to translate city data and regulations, and topography!, into the 3D model world) so it may evolve (it would be a valuable tool as we look to implement the OCP through zoning and design controls). However, as a smaller city our resources are constrained. In other words, we are working on it but no promises.

We have now received the following sketch from a resident, please note that this is not an exact representation of the future direction of development:




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