Municipal spending limits out of control: Transcript – IntegrityBC Dermod Travis on Global TV interview

Quoting in part: ‘The people who actually live in the City of Vancouver should be concerned who their political parties and elected representations actually listen to once they get elected’
similar concerns, on a smaller scale, in the City of North Vancouver

BC Election Campaign Finance Reform Network

Global TV IntegrityBC Dermod Travis interview 19-Mar-2014 Here is a partial transcript of a 19-March-2014 interview on Global TV between  @Globalbc  television reporter Aaron McArthur and‘s Dermod Travis .

The lead in says “Civic watchdogs say it’s time to level the playing field. Many provinces have spending limits on municipal elections, why doesn’t BC? In 2011, more than $5-million was spent on the race for mayor in Vancouver, compared to $391,124 in Calgary. Will Vancouver’s municipal parties end the outrageous spending?”

Below is a partial transcript, typed by a kind volunteer (tentative transcript).

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