Harbourside and “dancing in place on the head of a pin”

As a followup to unresolved questions at the Harbourside Public Hearing on April 1st Mr. Kerry Morris has written the following two letters.  The first, to Councillor Keating,  addresses transit and union problems, quoting in part:

“I was shocked to see you sit silently, taking no position of any kind in relation to last night’s development proposal by Concert properties for HarbourSide. 

It is clear from the documents and discussions that Transit has refused to provide service which requires entry to the proposed HarbourSide development. For that matter, they won’t even currently commit to support the development with greater frequency on the 1st street route until such time as they see a demand lift.

HarbourSide represents a unique and uncomfortable challenge for the City. If the proposal on the table is accepted, Transit will have a precedent to seek private bus initiatives as part of future developments, all over the Lower Mainland, when the proposal conflicts with current service patterns and budget constraints.”

Read letter here: Harbourside PH letter to CK re transit

The second letter to Mr. Penway addresses density bonuses and community amenities and refers to statements made at the Harbourside public hearing, quoting in part:

“At last nights Public Meeting in relation to the HarbourSide development after performing what can only be described as “dancing in place on the head of a pin” for the full 10 minutes of my questions, in response to further questioning by councillor Bookham on the same topic, you finally admitted that due to various extraordinary costs associated with the HarbourSide site selected by Concert, the City had applied development costs as if amenity contributions which effectively become a burden borne by the City by way of a reduced realization from the density lift which would otherwise apply, were this development situated at the old Lonsdale School site instead of at HarbourSide.”

Read letter here: Harbourside density letter to GP

The Q & A referred to can be found here:https://nvcityvoices.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/ocp-town-hall-mar-6-qa-from-kerry-morris/

Replies to both letters will be posted when received.  The Harbourside public hearing was concluded without a vote. 




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