Proposed election reforms favour politicians over citizens

Daphne Bramham: Proposed election reforms favour politicians over citizens.


Quoting in part:

Last November, North Vancouver city council passed*  a motion urging all candidates to refuse donations from unions representing city employees and developers with projects or potential projects to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

And this week, Green party Councillor Adriane Carr put in a notice of motion for Vancouver council’s April 15 meeting.

If it is passed, Vancouver would ask that before the November election, the provincial government amend its newly minted legislation as well as the Vancouver Charter to include spending caps, donor caps and bans on union, corporate and foreign donations.

And if the provincial government refuses, Vancouver would develop its own set of campaign finance guidelines and ask all parties and candidates to voluntarily follow them.

*note:   the motion did not pass unanimously, Councillors  Bell, Bookham, Clark and Heywood in favour; Mayor Mussatto, Coun. Buchanan and Keating opposed




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