Momentous WEN legal challenge against City of Vancouver goes to Supreme Court April 9 and 10

West End Neighbours

Demolition ball at 1401 Comox, 24-May-2011

Below is information about West End Neighbours’ legal challenge with the City of Vancouver. It goes to BC Supreme Court on April 9 and 10, 2014.

This could be momentous not only for the West End but for our entire city. Read on to see why.

We are also asking for citizens’ financial support to defray costs for us to win this case and make Vancouver City Hall more honest and to really do something more serious to create affordable housing. To donate online or by cheque, click here. (Everything we do is based on volunteer time, but we do need donations to pay legal costs.) For more information on donating or the details of the legal case, write us at

Since 2009 the City has been using the Short Term Incentives for Rental program (replaced by Rental 100) to give developers attractive incentives to construct rental units…

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