Election changes deserve closer look

Election changes deserve closer look.

Quoting in part:

From $169,000 to Vision Vancouver in the 2005 municipal elections, to a whopping $960,000 to the NPA party in 2011, to the peanuts-by-comparison developer and union donations here on the North Shore – does any of this largesse come without expectations of a quid pro quo somewhere down the line?

That very question may have been on the minds of North Vancouver City Couns. Heywood and Clark last Nov. 4 when they submitted a non-binding motion that urged “all candidates for election to council to abstain from accepting donations from developers with projects or potential projects before council, or from labour unions that represent City employees.”

– See more at: http://www.nsnews.com/news/election-changes-deserve-closer-look-1.965159#.dpuf

Comment from Voices:  Mayor Mussatto spent over $52,000 on his campaign in 2011 – 98% from unions, corporations and developers.  Personal amount? credit of $34.  In 2008 – over $24,000 to be acclaimed (no challengers).





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