Council exchange goes beyond ‘ A’ word

Council exchange goes beyond ‘ A’ word.

Quoting in part:

We were all diminished by the side-swipe the chamber received after it had followed due process by merely agreeing with a “restructuring” analysis and discussion before the final step is taken.

What is needed now from the mayor is a public and sincere apology to everyone concerned.

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Voices comment:  The original motion which passed at Council on March 3rd:

8. Restructure Study – File: 0400-01

Submitted by: Councillor Heywood

Moved by Councillor Heywood, seconded by Councillor Bell

WHEREAS both elected Councils in North Vancouver are mindful of their
responsibility to their constituents to provide the best possible local
government in the most effective and economical way;

AND WHEREAS there exists a program offered by the Ministry of
Community, Sport and Cultural Affairs which funds the cost of a
Restructure Study in order to obtain objective information on (the) fiscal
impact of restructure, implications for local services and political

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council invite the District of North Vancouver to
undertake a study with equal financial sharing by the two municipalities
and the provincial government, as to a detailed restructure study to assess
existing and potential future shared service opportunities between the two
local governments in North Vancouver.

Moved by Councillor Clark, seconded by Councillor Heywood

THAT the active clause in Councillor Heywood’s Notice of Motion be
deleted and replaced with the following:

“BE IT RESOLVED THAT the matter of funding a restructure study be
referred to staff at the City and the District of North Vancouver to report
back on the details a $120,000 study would provide.”

Councillor Buchanan, Councillor Keating and Mayor Mussatto are recorded as
voting contrary to the motion.

Note:  Voices has asked for confirmation of when the staff report will be available.


Coverage in the News of the meeting March 3rd:

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