Tally of Metro Vancouver Director votes on Southlands development


Google Earth Southlands in region earth view(Updated, revised)

On May 23, 2014 the GVRD Board of Directors reviewed agenda item G.1.1 Corporation of Delta Proposed Amendment to Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future for Southlands. OUTCOME: The amendment passed, with a vote of 93 FOR and 31 AGAINST. Below is our analysis and commentary.

Processes and voting at Metro Vancouver can be hard to track. The Southlands is an important test case (1) as an important issue for the entire region (for the many reasons articulated in the Staff report), (2) for the Regional Growth Strategy, (3) for transparency of Director voting, and (4) for municipal processes as they affect the governance of Metro Vancouver.

What processes lead to each municipality’s votes? (Council meetings? Caucus meetings? Informal discussions? Is there even a connection between the will of citizens/elected Councils and their Directors’ voting?) Can citizens actually know how their own Metro Directors vote on important policies and decisions? These questions are all…

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