*Updated* Letter to Council re Richardson’s expansion project

Comment from Voices:  During the public input portion of last night’s  Council meeting Mr. Kerry Morris requested information about the date that the Richardson expansion was known to Council.  

Questions asked by Mr Morris in part:

• If the area is so unlivable for existing residents
with 0.5 FSR zoning level, how does it become
more livable with 1.6 FSR zoning level?
• How do you answer those who say this proposed
zoning change is tantamount to compensation
for loss of view ?
• Is it the City’s intension to begin compensating
all residents for a loss of view?
• Does this new policy include those whose views
will be altered when Mr. Brooks with his Ferris
Wheel in hand returns to Town ?

Councillor Heywood, during Council inquiries later in the meeting subsequently requested:  “A Report from the CAO detailing when the City first gained knowledge of the Richardson expansion – the date of the first correspondence regarding the expansion. If it was before June 2012, what was the reason it was not known to Council at that time?”


Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 11:10:49 AM
Subject:  Richardson

Mayor and Council:

I have today formalized my request on Port Metro Vancouver for a complete copy of the geotechnical report created in relation to the Richardson’s expansion project. A copy of the Ports initial response and FOI request form is attached.  The Port while admitting that the report is in their possession has refused to produce a copy.

The requirement for a geotech report in advance of the design work for this project results from 2 factors. First, without a geotech report it would be impossible to determine a proper foundation design, such as the need to drive pile to stabalize the soil and weight baring capability of the property to be built on. Second, the cost of pile driving would form a huge cost component of the overall project and thus the viability of such a project would be effected by the report outcome.

For the above reasons the geotechnical work, including coring samples which would have been drilled, analysed and at least a preliminary report written, would have been done long before any design work went forward. It is unlikely this geotech work would have proceeded without attracting some attention by the City’s development department.

The age and timing of the geotechnical report in relation to the Low-Level Road approval of June 18, 2012 is thus an important consideration in relation to the “Mass Re-Zoning” application as supported by Mayor Mussatto during last nights council meeting. Did the City have knowledge of the Richardson’s expansision project at the time this matter came before council ?  Was council given prompt and timely notice ?

I will file and submit a formal FOI today with Port Metro Vancouver compelling disclosure of the geotechnical report. I trust the City will support this FOI application and I ask each member of council and the mayor to register their support publicly for this FOI disclosure.

Kerry Morris



One response to “*Updated* Letter to Council re Richardson’s expansion project

  1. Hope Kerry Morris doesn’t try an FOI with CNV. CAO Tollstram treats them with contempt and refuses to comply with the act.

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