*Updated* Moodyville residents push for density

This North Shore News link reports on the delegation from some Moodyville residents before Council on May 26th:

Moodyville residents push for density.

Comment from Voices:

We urge City residents to attend the Public Meeting in Council Chambers on June 18th in order discuss the draft OCP.

If Onni or Concert or any other developer came forward with a proposal to raze an entire residential neighbourhood and replace it with condo towers, adding more density that this city does not need and can barely accommodate, in an area never identified for intensive development until late in the CityShaping process, we believe a lot of people in this community would oppose it vigorously.

Personally, we are sympathetic to the situation that Moodyville property owners are facing. When we first heard this group (and keep in mind they don’t represent all Moodyville residents) wanted to move out and were going to ask the city to upzone their properties so they could sell for a reasonable return, some of us thought, “Well, if it was me, I’d probably do the same.” But we believe at 2.6 FSR (after bonusing, don’t forget) they are now asking for too much. And while we have to admire how effective they have been in their lobbying strategy, it may have distorted the City Shaping public feedback by making it seem there is greater public support for rapidly increasing density, city-wide, than there really is.

The City needs to evaluate what is truly best for the entire community of North Vancouver.


The Public Meeting in Council Chambers on June 18th is another opportunity for public discussion on changes to the draft OCP.

Following  is the summary for the 3rd St area from the May 15 City staff report,

In responding to the City’s survey for this area, respondents had to choose between existing Land Use Categories. Since a 1.25 FSR category did not exist, many chose 1.6 FSR. Staff were given the strong impression that in choosing 1.6 FSR, they did not necessarily mean 1.6 FSR, but more than 1.0 FSR. The 1.25 FSR achieves this, delivers ground oriented units and would diversify the City’s housing stock over time. 
Staff considered the option of 1.6 FSR. A density of 1.6 FSR cannot be accommodated within a building less than four storeys (with appropriate setbacks, lot coverage, and stepbacks). This makes the building form much less compatible with existing buildings that do not redevelop. In addition, they would block more views, a concern raised during the process. Further, any shifting of density between properties to create open space or a more diverse housing stock would result in even larger buildings greater than 1.6 FSR and over four storeys. This would result in a significant change of character in the area and deliver much more housing stock than necessary at this stage in the life of the OCP. 
Staff are confident that the revised proposal for 1.6 FSR and 1.25 FSR will deliver a viable and attractive neighbourhood with options for creative development with open space and diversity. More detailed design and development guidance will be advanced as a priority implementation action following adoption of the updated OCP. As outlined in the Implementation section of the draft OCP, the East 3rd Street area has been identified as a future Development Permit Area to be supported by Development Permit Guidelines. Noise mitigation standards would be included in those guidelines. 
During discussions with residents, there has been occasional reference to the City needing to “compensate” owners for changes in the area (Low Level Road/Richardson Grain Terminal). Staff wishes to make clear that the City is considering land use changes for the long term betterment of the community. The City is not responsible for, and does not compensate owners for, loss of property value as a result of development impacts. 

3 responses to “*Updated* Moodyville residents push for density

  1. It was said that the city needs to evaluate what is truly best for the entire community of North Vancouver. I would bet that the majority of the folks on the north shore would rather say – What is truly best for the entire community of North Vancouver is to “fire” the present Municipal Leaders at election time!!

    And they can take their “GREEN LIGHT” with them.

    • Laurie Parkinson

      I am a long time resident of Moodyville – have lived in the 600 block of East 4th for 22 years. I am NOT impressed that the City changed the December 2013 OCP for the 600 and 700 block of E 3rd without consulting the neighborhood. The Dec 2013 OCP had buildings of 2-3 stories along E 3rd. The May 2014 has buildings up to 6 stories. This is a MAJOR change for the community. It puts 6 story buildings (about the height of 2 telephone poles) next to single family homes. This is not shocking.

      I attended the July 18th council meeting. People below E 3rd are very happy with their increased density. Great! How about they get their increase, and we up the hill a bit get to stay single family?

      I canvassed a the south side of the 500 block of E 6th on July 1st. The vast majority wanted E 3rd and 4th to remain single family. 2 residents were ok with a few duplexes in the mix.

      Let’s have the council listen to the people! We have a democracy, theoretically.

      • Phillip Reierstad

        Well Laurie,
        I can appreciate the passion in the texture of your letter, however canvassing a group of residents that live a few blocks away from a neighborhood that borders on a major arterial route on one side ,and another major arterial route on the other with the added pressure of a major expansion of port activity, and deciding what is appropriate for them moving forward I would struggle to describe as in your own words ” democratic”. If you have lived here as long as you claim, then the stacked Townhouses at the southeast corner of Third,and St David’s must have been a grave concern to you,and your neighbors when they were constructed in 2001, no? It’s unfortunate when growth/densification pits neighbor against neighbor, however the growth is inevitably still going to occur with the predictable dissension. While I can appreciate the opinion of your ad hoc poll, and what you,and your neighbors think is appropriate/acceptable for the area in question, please don’t apply the term ” democracy” in it’s intent for there is certainly none of that gong on in your endeavor.
        Phillip Reierstad,
        Resident, 700 Block lower East Third Street.

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