Mass Rezoning of Moodyville -petition available

We previously posted  (June 4th) an article from the North Shore News about the density push in the Moodyville area:

This was our comment on the story:

Comment from Voices:

We urge City residents to attend the Public Meeting in Council Chambers on June 18th in order discuss the draft OCP.

If Onni or Concert or any other developer came forward with a proposal to raze an entire residential neighbourhood and replace it with condo towers, adding more density that this city does not need and can barely accommodate, in an area never identified for intensive development until late in the CityShaping process, we believe a lot of people in this community would oppose it vigorously.

Personally, we are sympathetic to the situation that Moodyville property owners are facing. When we first heard this group (and keep in mind they don’t represent all Moodyville residents) wanted to move out and were going to ask the city to upzone their properties so they could sell for a reasonable return, some of us thought, “Well, if it was me, I’d probably do the same.” But we believe at 2.6 FSR (after bonusing, don’t forget) they are now asking for too much. And while we have to admire how effective they have been in their lobbying strategy, it may have distorted the City Shaping public feedback by making it seem there is greater public support for rapidly increasing density, city-wide, than there really is.

The City needs to evaluate what is truly best for the entire community of North Vancouver.


We have since been contacted by several residents in the area, some of whom have started a petition:

* We the undersigned residents of the Moodyville Area, and the bordering properties, oppose the mass-rezoning of the Moodyville Area to a 1.6 FSR.

* We the undersigned strongly oppose all density in excess of the initial staff recommendation of 1.0 FSR for the Moodyville Area.

We will provide contact details if you want to have further information or sign the petition.


Comment from Voices:

 We believe that now is the time for all interested residents of the Third Street Special Study Area to weigh in if they care about the outcome. It is much easier to argue when there is verifiable evidence to reference. Hearing directly from all those who have a stake in this discussion is critical to a balanced decision.

The public meeting in Council Chambers on June 18 is at 6.00pm.  This is your opportunity to hear about the suggested revisions to the draft Official Community Plan, ask questions, and state your opinion.  The next opportunity will likely be at the Public Hearing in September.

For anyone unable to attend the meeting, submissions can be made in writing prior to 4pm on the 18th, details here:






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