Politicians biased for developers? FCRA asks Mayor Robertson to disqualify Councillor Geoff Meggs from Public Hearing on Concord Pacific rezoning in False Creek

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FCRA logo grabGeoff Meggs in Council DTES LAP Mar15 2014(Updated) The False Creek Residents Association (FCRA) today issued a media release calling on Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Roberton to disqualify Councillor Geoff Meggs from the June 10 Public Hearing on a major proposal by Concord Pacific seeking a rezoning to build two towers by False Creek. Meggs had written a blog post in support of the proposal, but it has been subsequently removed. FCRA says that with Meggs’ post there is sufficient appearance of bias and misconduct to warrant an official response.

Some points of the media release are summarized below, but readers are encouraged to go straight to the FCRA website for the whole version. Related story in the Georgia Straight: “Councillor Geoff Meggs accused of “bias” before public hearing on Concord Pacific project” (Carlito Pablo, 9-June-2014).

This is a critical issue. As we have described elsewhere and on our About page, Vancouver has serious problems…

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