Where’s The Money?

Quoting in part and referring to the Vancouver planning process: ‘The Planners have $275,000 plus full-time staff salaries plus City resources plus full-time pro-density development companies and their minions to present their plan. To analyze the proposal and to challenge any items of the proposal that seem to oppose community sense, the residents have only limited voluntary hours, tiny resources, and intermittent access to a free press.

Why should taxpayers continue to pay bureaucrats who use their positions and tax-payer dollars opposing genuine resident concerns in matter such as neighbourhood planning? But so long as they do, is it any wonder that community activists (and distinctive neighbourhoods) are an endangered species?”

How much has been spent on the OCP process by the CNV?

Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

One of the facts of life of community activism is that City Hall will always have more money and resources than you.  It is an immoral asymetrical warfare that is fought between innumerable City staff with the full panoply of tax-paid weapons against a handful of activated citizens armed only with concern and common sense.

We know this to be true, see it in action every day, but rarely do we get to see the mechanics and numbers and scale involved.  We have one of those rare opportunities in the case of the additional budget approved by City Council for the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan.

One of the recommendations of the Jackson Report (on the then-four Community Plans) approved by City Council on 25th September 2013, was the provision of an additional $275,000 to complete the Grandview-Woodland process which was extended for twelve-months by the same Council resolution.  Appendix 6 of…

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