One Resident’s Opinion

The following is reprinted with permission from the Grand Boulevard Ridgeway Residents Association:


One Resident’s Opinion

(A message to GBRRA residents who are unhappy with the city densification.)

I hear lots of complaints from city residents about what is happening to our city. For example, parking problems, traffic gridlock, replacement of rental units with pricy, high-rise condos, loss of green space, selling of school properties, massive future expenditures for hospital expansion, public transit and other costly infrastructure that will be required as a direct result of densification. Do you know who makes the decisions concerning these issues? It’s the Mayor and Council, that’s who. And do you know what percentage of the city residents voted at the last municipal election?  22%, that’s how many. Sadly, 78% of the residents found reasons to not bother to get out and vote.

So if you are really unhappy with the excessive densification and all that comes with it, you need to start thinking about what you, the residents, can do to change the decision-making at City Hall. You will have a chance on November 15th to elect at least four members of council who oppose what has been going on at City Hall for the past 6 years. If you don’t take action to make that change, then the high-rise condos will continue to rise, the traffic gridlocks will continue to grow and our quality of life will continue to deteriorate. 

If you look at the voting record of the present seven incumbents, six of whom have indicated they will seek re-election, it is quite easy to determine that there are only two councillors who have consistently voted against the excessive densification policies. So to make a change at City Hall, we need to re-elect those two along with at least two other like-minded candidates. As the election campaign gets underway, I encourage you all to make yourselves aware of the anti-densification candidates and do your part to end the control of city council by the developers, who make large political donations to finance the development-friendly council members in their election campaigns. The anti-development candidates will likewise need your encouragement and support. 

Only you can take back control of City Hall from the developers. Make sure you vote and encourage your friends, family, and neighbours to also vote. And remember, voting is the civic duty and responsibility of all of us. Collectively, you have the power in your vote to stop the excessive densification of our city.

Gerry Scott


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