CityShaping-summary of changes to draft OCP

Following is a summary of the changes to the draft OCP that were passed by Council last night.  Never has the divide between the pro-density Council members and the ‘low, slow Councillors’ been so great .. as Councillor Heywood pointed out, it was very clear from the votes which Councillors are funded by developers.  Councillor Keating was absent,  and the Mayor and Councillor Buchanan had been in favour of much higher density – increases of up to 300%.

Major changes made by Council July 7:

–  removed the proposed ability for a secondary suite and coach house in single family (Residential Level 1)

–  reduced all of the East 3rd Street proposed changes (which ranged from  0.75 FSR through 1.0, 1.25 to 1.6 FSR with a 4 storey limit along 3rd) to 0.75 FSR.

–  The proposed special study area for part of East 3rd (noted in the reports on the council agenda) was removed.

–  two blocks proposed to increase from Level 5- 1.6 FSR to Level 6- 2.3 FSR on Eastern and on the north side of E 15th across from the hospital were both returned to Level 5- 1.6;

–  the special study area to consider level 2 in what is currently level 1 in the 300blks of 15-17th was extended to 19th

–  Site 8 will be a special study area with a height of 75’ or 8 storeys.

Details will be in the Council minutes posted by July 10:



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