Mystery of the week: Who is behind Avalonna Homes, at Avalon Dairy rezoning, 5805 Wales? (Public Hearing tonight)

Similar situation in the City of North Van – the majority of development applications are listed by architects, numbered companies .. many with connections to the City – architects who sit on City committees etc.

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

Avalon farmhouseThe second item at a Public Hearing starting at 6pm on today, Tuesday, July 8, 2014, is a rezoning proposal for 63 dwelling units on the site of the Avalon Farm, a historic dairy that was located at 5805 Wales Avenue in Vancouver.

Since the application first appeared a couple years ago, we have been mystified about who is behind Avalonna Homes. Our interest is not so much about this specific application, but about the example it illustrates oh so well. It is just one example of the MANY development applications in Vancouver fronted by an architect for a numbered company or un-named applicant. In this case, the architect providing cover is Robert Ciccozzi Architecture Inc., while the always-lurking Pottinger and Associates appears to have been involved in coordinating communications with the community. But the public might ask why things are done so secretly in Vancouver. Globe and Mail, Vancouver Courier, Vancouver Sun

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