Vancouver #1 city in highrises per capita. But do highrises create risks? And make our city less resilient?

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions


A recent GlobalNews report noted Vancouver placed ninth in the world in the total number of highrises. The figures came from a database released by A highrise is considered to be a multi-floored building of 12 storeys or 35 metres (115 feet) in height, or more. The full video and text of the GlobalNews piece (Vancouver ranked 9th in the world for highest number of skyscrapers, Amy Judd & Ted Chernecki, July 23, 2014) is excellent — with interviews with a Skyscraperpage rep, a UBC expert, and Vancouver’s director of planning. It asks if highrises are the way to go, and compares photos from decades ago to now.

In terms of highrise buildings per capita, CityHallWatch has calculated from Skyscraper page data that Vancouver ranks Number One among the world’s ten cities with the most highrises.

Highrises per 1,000 people in city population, top 10 cities, CityHallWatchBut are highrises a smart thing? Are they ecologically sound? Are they seismically sound, in our megaquake zone?


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