Urban future: Metro Vancouver grows up

Urban future: Metro Vancouver grows up.

Barely a mention of the North Shore, disappointing considering that the City of North Vancouver has reached the 2031 Metro targets and is well on the way to 2041.  Plenty of push back here.  Quoting in part:

If Metro Vancouver were to have an official bird, it should be the crane.

Travel along the SkyTrain network or busy bus routes in the region and construction cranes are everywhere, hanging around half-built skyscrapers in fast-rising urban hubs like Burnaby’s Brentwood Mall, Coquitlam Town Centre, Surrey City Centre and Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.

Metro Vancouver is growing up, and the skyscrapers are no longer confined to Vancouver’s downtown core. They are sprouting across the region, which expects to welcome another million more people and jobs by 2041, bringing the total population to 3.4 million.

Of those, about one in three — or 332,000 people — will call Surrey and White Rock home, bringing that area’s population to 767,000. That’s higher than the projection for Vancouver in 2041 — 740,000 — while Coquitlam’s population will nearly double to 224,000, according to Metro Vancouver’s regional growth strategy.

Under the strategy, approved by the region’s 21 municipalities in 2011, Metro anticipates another 600,000 jobs and 550,000 new homes.

In a bid to prevent sprawl on industrial and agricultural land, regional officials hope to keep most of that new population and employment growth in designated “urban containment boundaries,” with 55 per cent of residents living within walking distance of a stop on the transit network.

But while the strategy may look good on paper, upholding its principles is proving to be a challenge. Scores of residents across Metro Vancouver, many living in large, single-family, treed-lot neighbourhoods, are balking at plans to build up around them.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Urban+future+Metro+Vancouver+grows/10103036/story.html#ixzz39wxETsEd


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