UDI/FortisBC Index: Four people, four incomes, yet one house remains an elusive target

UDI/FortisBC Index: Four people, four incomes, yet one house remains an elusive target.

from the Vancouver Sun and quoting Michael Geller in part:

Geller, whose career also includes working for the federal housing agency Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., says Vancouver would also benefit from better-designed smaller homes.

While the focus has been on smaller apartments and “micro-suites,” he said, Vancouver also needs to be building smaller single-family houses and townhouses.

“Many people of my generation grew up in three-bedroom houses that were 864 sq. ft with one bathroom. That type of house is not being built anywhere in Metro Vancouver. Why aren’t we building homes, smaller bungalows, smaller detached houses and smaller townhouses and stacked townhouses on smaller lots?”

“There are many international precedents for this. When you speak to people from Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, they often will talk about the fact that their homes are much smaller because they eat in restaurants and they entertain in restaurants. They don’t entertain at home. That has not been the North American tradition, but that is changing.”

Part of the problem is systemic, he said, pointing out that municipal development charges discourage developers from building smaller homes by charging on the basis of each housing unit basis rather than on square footage.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/business/affordability/FortisBC+Index+Four+people+four+incomes+house+remains+elusive+target/10119158/story.html#ixzz3AguFA15t


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