Don’t Vote The Slate

A lot of similarities to the City of North Vancouver race – although the slate does not call themselves a slate.  You can tell who is part of the developer/union funded group by the glossy brochures, well funded individuals.   This is the year for independent candidates to get your vote who, when elected, will concentrate on the job at hand .


We agree with the style that Adriane Carr is looking for: One that emphasizes collaboration, and that is willing to work with a team of people,” Carr explained. “Not a majority so-called government and minority so-called opposition members. We’re not a parliament. We are a city council elected as equals, and I think that the city would be way better off if all of us contributed, discussions happen, information was shared well in advance of decisions, and the ideas put forward by the public incorporated into those decisions.” (

Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

A number of things are rapidly becoming clear in the 2014 Vancouver municipal election:

1)  Vision Vancouver is vulnerable.  Their six-year reign of big business crony politics — which has turned our city into one of the most unaffordable cities in the entire world, led to the wholesale destruction of neighbourhoods and disenfranchisement of residents, and has failed to genuinely grapple with either homelessness, transportation, or public amenities — is coming home to roost.  More and more Vancouverites are catching on to the fact that Vision’s heated environmental and LGBTQ rhetoric (with or without substantive action), street theatre and parades, and failed experiments with faux engagement projects are simply style over substance. Their softness in the polls is witness to this.  They will be spending umpteen millions of dollars trying to persuade you otherwise: when you see their ads ask yourself, who actually paid for that?

2) The Vancouver Green…

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