Update on CANY v. CoV: Citizens’ Supreme Court challenge of City of Vancouver on “procedural fairness”

Question from Judge McEwan: “What’s the point of development plans if it’s so easy to change them?” reminiscent of the constant answer from City of North Van about OCP amendments “it’s a living document”.

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

508 Helmcken, artist's rendering 508 Helmcken, artist’s rendering

Further to our earlier story (Supreme Court CANY vs CoV. On trial: The integrity of Vancouver City Hall (CityHallWatch, 15-Aug-2014) below, we provide brief coverage of the first three days of the four-day lawsuit. The central theme of the legal case is “procedural fairness.” Justice Mark McEwan is presiding. This case is in the court of law, but will it be a court of justice?

This case has significance far beyond one street corner. Look at the processes this land deal has exposed. Observe how our local government is treating this community. Notice the legal arguments made by the City of Vancouver via its lawyers in Supreme Court. Marvel at the public resources being used by City Hall to defend one single private developer against the public. Is this case the tip of the iceberg? Can other neighbourhoods expect the same treatment?

Recent articles before Day 1:

Yaletown citizens take City…

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