Ambitious City Or Selfish City?

Ambitious City Or Selfish City?.

More “Thoughts of a ‘retiring’ Councillor “- Guy Heywood and quoting in part:


Today the Corporation of the City of North Vancouver meets the needs of a broader range of developers and it listens carefully to the unions that represent its employees.  These are the groups that it deals with every day and, not by coincidence, are the ones that provide the bulk of the contributed funds for the election expenses of the Mayor and certain Councillors.

The developer-inspired bias to fast growth and increased density that characterized the first draft of the City’s recent Official Community Plan would indicate that the City continues to work very well for the interests that founded it. 


Now elections are going to be four years apart instead of every three. This means that  the risk that this comfortable alliance between the developers, the unions and the local politicians that they support being upset, will be reduced from once every three years to once every four.



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