Day -66 – What kind of Vancouver Do You Want?

The ‘wants’ are pretty similar in the City of North Vancouver from what we hear.

Vancouver Decides 2014

by Mike Andruff

Talking headsEverybody wants the candidates to enunciate their platforms. Why? Do politicians generally do what they say they will? How well did the current group do? I submit it is time for you, dear voter, to tell the politicians about the Vancouver You Want. Let’s help the politicians out by telling them what is is we want them to deliver.

Here is an example. The Vancouver I Want:

Property Taxes

Reduce them.

Our property taxes serve a purpose.  Civic politicians have relied on the taxpayer’s generosity too often, and for too long. The current council wants a fund on the books called, “Emerging priorities and inflation contingency” – $95 million! I am sorry, but again, that doesn’t pass the sniff test. I want the next council  to return to principles of fiscal prudence.

Local Area Planning

I want  neighbourhoods  to control the development process

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