The Truth About Developers

Note from Voices:  Lewis Villegas was one of our requested speakers at the January 2013 CityShaping ‘Growth and Land Use’ workshop. Brent Toderian was the other speaker we had requested.



The ‘Cheesegrater’ London (Google Images).

The truth about developers: they are exploiting planning authority and ruining our cities.

The Guardian, September 2014

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One response to “The Truth About Developers

  1. It is becoming increasingly clear that our neighbourhoods are being treated by some as a trading chip in the commodity markets. Thus, it is critical for those participating in neighbourhood planning processes and voting in local elections to become aware of the role played—wittingly or otherwise—by elected officials, civil servants, planners and others vis a vis the construction of buildings that serve primarily a world market rather than our specific local conditions.

    For example, the growth in international buying of real estate products might well be expected to move in different trends than our own needs for local growth. Awareness is the first step. Developing a strategy to effectively combat this disturbing trend may be the next one.

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