Whodunnit mystery of abrupt shift to four-year civic election cycles in BC: LMGLA knows who started it.

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BC Legislature buildingThis could get embarrassing, but we are not sure for whom. It’s a high-stakes political whodunnit mystery, and perhaps it goes right to the core of our democratic systems in British Columbia. The Union of BC Municipalities is holding their annual convention in Whistler this week. Someone there knows the answer.

Here’s the question:

Who initiated the push in June 2013 that led to the shift to the four-year municipal election cycle in B.C.?

We believe the answer traces back to one person. And it could be revealing, because it seems the whole thing was orchestrated to achieve the result. But who is that person?

It must be a member of the Executive of the Lower Mainland Local Government Association (LMLGA) at the time (see list below) who advanced the text of a resolution, which was adopted during an LMLGA conference call (no minutes, participants not reported), on an unspecified…

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