My Reasons for Voting Against The OCP – (Councillor Heywood)

Blog: Thoughts of a ‘retiring’ Councillor.

2 responses to “My Reasons for Voting Against The OCP – (Councillor Heywood)

  1. Mr Heywood “threw the baby out with the bathwater” and in doing so has allowed the pro developer elements on council yet another chance to allow massive growth in the City.

  2. Thank you Guy. You have revealed as much about who you are as what the City Governance isn’t. It parallels my own dilemma over the years. Can an individual achieve more by being inside an organization in this case Government, as one could from being outside, and under no restraints? One could say that by revealing much of what many of us have suspected for many years of a bowed-head and controlling organization that suffers from the back-room syndrome, you have earned the moniker of Whistle-blower. No wonder you have chosen not to run for public office again. Similarly one can only watch and wonder how those dedicated individuals are coping under similar restraints with life inside our most senior of governments in Ottawa. I watch and wonder why us nice Canadians are not rioting in the streets, and not just in Ottawa. Perhaps Change is much closer than we think, lets hope so. Perhaps you have helped to raise again those bowed and quiet heads.

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