Vancouver election parties/candidates: Are you sure you really want to do that? A word before you file 2014 election nomination papers…

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

Election City Council seats_Blanks, concept graphic, CHW Sept 2014Civic parties and individuals planning to run in this year’s civic election may be smart to grab some oxygen, caffeine, or other thought-helper, and have a rational look at their prospects for getting elected. Then give some serious consideration to your real chances of getting elected. And the potential for “vote splitting” — siphoning off votes from other candidates who could unseat incumbents. Will you hand victory to those you wish to challenge?


The stakes are extremely high this year, with the future of Vancouver in the balance, billions of dollars of interests, and — for the first time — a four-year term of office. People have a pretty good idea of the behaviour of incumbents and their parties on City Council, Park Board, and School Board — many of them have been in power for six years already. But in Vancouver’s at-large system, it is difficult for challengers to get traction.

Kerrisdale, 41st AvenueThe election period has…

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