Most Parties Endorse Coalition’s New Planning Process

We urge readers to view the ‘Principles and Goals’  from the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods, referred to in this post.  Quoting in part:

A collaborative, accountable and transparent partnership

Community consultation means more than making planning and development decisions in private, then informing residents about proposals and requesting feedback as is too often the case. The City must work collaboratively with residents, neighbourhood associations and community organizations throughout the planning process. Goals, alternative options, and all pertinent information regarding Community Plans and major developments must be shared openly and developed together with the community from the start. The decision-making process must be transparent and accountable to ensure that planning reflects the needs, aspirations, and local knowledge of residents.

Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods has issued the following very hopeful press release:


Municipal Parties Endorse Coalition’s Collaborative Approach to Planning

The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods is proud to announce that the NPA, COPE, Vancouver Greens, OneCity, Cedar Party, and independent Bob Kasting, have now endorsed the Coalition’s proposal for improving the planning and development process in the City.

One of the major news stories in Vancouver last year was the unprecedented level of discontent with planning and development in neighbourhoods across our city. In response to these concerns 24 diverse communities from all across the city came together to form the Coalition, with a common goal to fix these divisive processes. All member neighbourhood associations gave input to establish principles for a collaborative planning process.

Following those discussions, in April this year the Coalition issued a document called “Principles & Goals” outlining a new and…

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