Municipal spending varies greatly; City of North Van’s 4.6 sq miles #5

Municipal spending varies greatly; West Vancouver doubles Surrey per capita.

Quoting in part:

“There is a massive discrepancy in per capita spending among 17 Metro Vancouver municipalities, with West Vancouver’s $2,118 more than double Surrey’s low of $951 in 2012 and well above the regional average of $1,384, a Fraser Institute report shows.

The report is the institute’s third on municipal spending this year and is meant to fuel public debate in the lead-up to the Nov. 15 civic election.

“The motivation is to provide Metro Vancouver residents with the information they need to know about how governments are spending their tax dollars,” said Charles Lammam, the Fraser Institute’s associate director of tax and fiscal policy.”


Ranked #5 among Metro Municipalities spending per person.  Spending growth since 2002 in excess of inflation and population growth was 44% (fifth in the region).  

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Full report available here:

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