Unaffordable housing: Driving factors in Vancouver. A tool for citizens to analyze candidates’ promises.

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

CityHallWatch guestimate factors unaffordable housingWith the civic election approaching, Vancouver’s housing unaffordability is at the top of many debate agendas. It’s the talk of the town and has been for years. COPE, the NPA, and Vision Vancouver have all had time at City Hall, with Vision Vancouver having the majority for the past six years. In fact, they got the majority — twice — promising to handle homelessness and housing unaffordability. Of course, the issues are complex. The causes are complex. But neither the politicians nor the experts have presented to the public a convincing or concise way to understand the problem. Residential Ave Sale Prices, Greater Vancouver, 1977 to 2014

So we tried a thought experiment. We created an Excel sheet and a radar graph, listing these factors, which anecdotally seem to be major causes of housing unaffordability. (Download our Excel file and try changing things yourself: Concept-major factors in housing affordability) These are the factors we listed.

  • Speculation
  • Empty units
  • Inherent land…

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