City of North Van Election 2014- Density and Money

Well, we’re watching with increasing dismay the tactics being employed in this election. Make no mistake anyone – this is all about density and money.  Nothing else.  

Our current Mayor is seemingly using another candidate to do his dirty work and mudslinging.  Voices has been under attack by George Pringle for two years,  and we now have written confirmation that his accusations have been investigated and have no basis in fact.  We have to wonder why he is not concentrating on his own campaign.

George Pringle has more recently gone after Kerry Morris, and a couple of days ago – Ron Polly.   Kerry’s latest news release correcting allegations is here:

Why so much effort being put into our election, our 4.7 square miles?   The only explanation can be that it all comes down to money – developer money.  The Moodyville group has now endorsed the ‘developer slate’ entirely – even the candidate who continues to use foul language publicly, and displays absolutely no qualifications for public office.   Another candidate stated they had to accept developer donations because they had little resources.  Another candidate will be busy with the provincial election and even more of a no-show at City meetings.  

The ‘independent’ slate candidates for the most part do not have a lot of resources, but certainly have the ethics to know that taking money always leads to “what expectations are linked to this donation”.    The Mayor has previously stated that he has turned down applications from developers who have supported him – yet recently he couldn’t respond to a question about whether he had ever turned down any application.  A lot of articles have been written previously about the ethics of campaign donations from developers, use the search engine on this website if you want a refresher.


So,  to summarize – if you’re happy with:

 *the current pace of development – 20.8% growth in number of units 2011-2014 (under development or in the     pipeline-and verified by staff)

 *the unstated plans to overturn the OCP draft

 *the backpedaling regarding the sale of school lands (the Mayor’s now not in favor, but has stated previously that he favours low density development)

 *the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on consultant fees for the most part resulted in recommendations which have been largely ignored

 *in 2004 the Mayor flippantly suggested an ice rink and a ferris wheel on the waterfront, we have paid in excess of $100,000 (so far) to bring this forward

 *the unsustainable spending, astronomical salaries of staff, highest Council expenses on the North Shore

 *the lack of consultation with neighbouring municipalities – traffic, growth, recreation

 *the lack of planning coordination with new development – inconveniencing residents and businesses

*the gifts to developers of floor space bonuses with minimal benefit to residents

*the constant fuzzy statements about the density bonuses, when in fact many of the bonuses were achieved by land sales

*the recent statement by the Mayor that more benefits could be achieved by sharing more services with our neighbours – why has it not happened already?  21 years on Council???? Why is there not a plan?

Support the development slate.


But, if you believe it’s time for a change:

   Support the independent candidates and encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same.  Incumbent candidates Pam Bookham and Rod Clark have consistently at Council stood for responsible development, with the best interests of the community always at the forefront.  Returning Councillor Bill Bell and wife Dorothy have been hard at work re-connecting with the community and listening to concerns of residents.    Voices made a decision not to endorse any particular candidates, but others worth your consideration are:  Tony Valente, Amanda Nichol, Joe Heilman,  Don Bell, Via Fearnley.

If you want details about anything mentioned here,  or have questions please let us know. Attached is a ‘voters guide’ developed by Bill and Dorothy Bell that gives a clear view of the candidates positions.  .Bell Voters Guide 5




One response to “City of North Van Election 2014- Density and Money

  1. (hiccup again on my email arena) Cont: spoke on Sept 29th 2014 (see past video) when the Council 4 to 3 decision was made to not pass the OCP. Where were all these Vote for Me Candidates.????

    Thank you, but again with all due respect Kerry also has a slate. View the Lonsdale bike racks.


    From: John [] On Behalf Of Sent: November 13, 2014 9:22 PM To: ‘North Van City Voices’ Subject: FW: [New post] City of North Van Election 2014- Density and Money

    Hiccup (cut off ) continuation – watching Council public input sessions that with all due respect neither Bill or Dorothy have spoken at the microphone – whereas I have attended and SPOKEN 42 times in the last 2 years. Why have N Van voices not made mention of this.?

    Then I read that Voices made a decision Not to endorse any particular Candidate, but others worth your consideration are – Tony Valente, Amanda Nicol, Joe Hielman, Don Bell, Via Fearnley.

    So just some facts are that of my 42 speaking attendances, Tony Valente and Amanda Nicol have both made 9 each over the last Two years. That both Joe Heilman and Via Fearnley have made NO spoken input all. That Don Bell voted FOR the Onni project.

    I have even just after public input speaking got in my auto and driven to District Hall to speak of N Van issues (see videos). Here I have been able to eventually get District Council to allow a 3 minute input from the previous 2 minute allowance.

    Here I have tried on occasion to have City Input to be increased to 3 minutes. The current Council even with Independents on board , have ignored this completely. What a joke when Pam and others say they want to hear from the Public, don’t you recall that, then ignore an up to 3 minute public input speaking.

    So I believe that I should be able to write in of – Why am I not in the forefront of a reading of real worthy of consideration is John Harvey. Who is really speaking and I mean speaking up for you at the Council sessions. Finally to point out is that only Kerry Morris and myself spoke on Sept 29th


    From: John [] On Behalf Of john harvey Sent: November 13, 2014 8:54 PM To: ‘North Van City Voices’ Subject: RE: [New post] City of North Van Election 2014- Density and Money

    Dear N Van City Voices & Bill/Dorothy Bell,

    Receiving the N Van Voices email tonight I am somewhat disappointed in Bill Bell’s Candidate Voters Guide 5 list, where it on this list it shows of a DON’T KNOW of myself John Harvey, with respect to the Onni Development. For it should have been quite clear from my many 2 minute Public Inputs ( that I secured for

    the City public many years ago) that I was Not in favour of this huge project. Bill / Dorothy and I have met and chatted a few times and yet when of a decision to make this list etc – Disappointingly, not once did you ever clarify whether I was in favour of such project. Therefore I would appreciate a quick amendment to show I was Not in favour.

    Also of the Voices shown under New Post City of Nth Van Election 2014 – Density and Money.

    Where at approximately Two Thirds of the way down it starts – IF you believe it’s time for a change –

    Support the Independent Candidates and encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same, then moving on – Returning Bill Bell and Dorothy have been hard at work re-connecting with the community and listening to their concerns. Whereas if you have been watching Council sessions

    (cont well above)

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