Spotlight on the chief planner for Vancouver and his role as the nexus of power, money, politics, and community

Lots of coming and going in the CNV Planning Dept., as well as long time concern about encouraging developers to exceed the OCP – at what point in the process does this come about?

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

web-brianjackson-0724, photo credit Globe and Mail Brian Jackson, General Manager of Planning and Development, Vancouver

In view of revelations of top-down interference of staff work at City Hall, who really controls planning processes in Vancouver?

Why do we bring this up now, just two days before the election?

Because the firing and hiring process of the chief planner, officially known as “General Manager of Planning and Development,” might say something about the forces operating behind the scenes. Since corporations in the development industry are top funders of the incumbent party, Vision Vancouver, this planning position has a huge role in the politicians possible efforts to say “thank you” to those who funded their election wins. The planning department is where the rubber hits the road. Is political interference somehow mucking up the work of this important function of City Hall?

Voters should realize that the regime in power after the election will also determine who is…

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