Poll position

Poll position.

There’s a phrase politicians spout before votes are cast: “This is the most important election of our lifetime!” We usually dismiss self-serving hyperbole, but Saturday’s election – mathematically speaking – is more important than previous elections. Voters will send mayors, councillors and school board trustees to their posts for four years instead of three.

The City of North Vancouver’s mayoralty race has been the most compelling and contentious contest of 2014 but not necessarily the most significant. No matter how upstanding or incompetent a mayor might be, that position is strictly ceremonial without the will of council.

We beseech voters in the districts of North and West Vancouver, where each mayor was acclaimed, to choose their council wisely. There might be a few candidates who should be passed over like a dented rutabaga in the produce section, but there are plenty of intelligent candidates with well-defined platforms vying for your vote.

Ottawa and Victoria collect more money and wield more power but our municipalities are where we live. Who can make your community better? Who can work with senior levels of government? Who can do their work despite senior levels of government?

You don’t need to vote because it’s your obligation, because it’s easy, or because democracy is one of the best ideas human beings have had so far.

We believe you should vote because your community belongs to you. This may not be the most important election in your lifetime, but it is important.


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