Rookie season

Rookie season.

from the North Shore News:


There’s a small but needed crop of rookie councillors set to be sworn in at each of our three North Shore municipal councils.

We offer a welcome to Mathew Bond and Jim Hanson in the District of North Vancouver, Holly Back in the City of North Vancouver and Christine Cassidy in the District of West Vancouver.

And if they’ll accept it, we’ll offer a little advice: Develop some rhinoceros-like skin. You’re going to be on the business end of irate calls and emails whether you’re responsible for residents’ grievances or not. There will probably be some awkward calls from the North Shore News once in a while too.

You now find yourselves at the table with multi-term veterans. Be willing to speak your mind and go against the tide. You were elected for your ideas and a plurality of opinions helps a council hone its sharpest policies.

Don’t be beholden to old ways of doing things. Long-term councillors are valuable for their knowledge of the past but we need innovative ideas and an eye to the future as well.

Now that you’re on council, you’re responsible for making decisions for the good of all your constituents, not just those networks who were crucial in assuring your victory on Nov. 15. Consider the impacts on the entire community before you cast your Yay or Nay. And don’t be afraid to borrow good ideas from the candidates who didn’t get elected.

So welcome to the show, newbies.

We can’t wait to see you all in action on Dec. 1.

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One response to “Rookie season

  1. Did Mussatto break the law by using council chambers for campaign night?

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