Message from Kerry Morris


I want to start by thanking all of you who gave so much of your time to help in my mayoral campaign. I’m not going to name all of you, partly because there were so many, and partly because I would undoubtedly fail to remember someone and feel bad for the error after. You all know who you are. Your help and endless support was in equal parts a motivation and an inspiration to me. I am only sorry that I let you down by failing to win the day.

We ran a positive campaign, focusing on the issues and designing platform solutions that could bring about positive change. We listened to the City’s residents, and they told us quite clearly, even if a Mussatto supporter, that they preferred our platform over Darrell’s.

Many voted for Darrell out of loyalty, some because they did not know me, and others because their unions had directed them to vote for Darrell because he would support ever higher compensation packages for unionized staff. There is also a faction who supported Darrell because of the negative attacks which were levelled on my character calling me “homophobic”, and because of claims that I have a criminal record. Both of these allegations are false!

I believe that every person has a right to chose their sexuality and religious preferences, etc. I believe these are personal rights and that people who would employ these topics as campaign tactics are being disrespectful to the causes they claim to defend. Since these allegation against me became public, I have
been contacted by many from the gay and lesbian community, each of whom has made it clear that they did not appreciate Mr. Pringle, Mr Mussatto or the media using them as a tool in what was clearly a politically motivated attack upon me.

George Pringle also floated the allegation that I have a criminal conviction resulting from a refusal to provide a breath sample. This allegation is false. I have no criminal record of any kind.

What was not revealed to most in this campaign, is that it was Darrell Mussatto’s campaign manager, Mr. Benjamin Alldritt, an ex-NSNews reporter, who dug up all the homophobic slurs and criminal record dirt on me and provided all of this information to George Pringle. Pringle a non-event in this campaign, was being financed by developer Onni for the sole purpose of being the spoiler. Evidently Darrell’s team knew that throwing the mud would not make him look good so he used George as his shill to do his dirty work.

The City took an active role in subverting our campaign. They allowed Darrell numerous breaches of the Sign Policy, took no action against staff handing out slips of paper containing the names of Darrell’s slate, while standing in City Hall near the advance polling station, and numerous other improprieties. Despite these challenges we came very close to victory. So close Darrell couldn’t even stomach giving the NSNews a winners comment on Election Day after being declared the victor. He simply ran from City Hall, maybe because he was appalled by his own conduct, possibly due to an attack of conscience.

So we lost, but only just, and our near victory is all because of you. Jerri and I, and our kids all thank you. You are the reason we made the effort, and I am proud to have received your support. We must remain vigilant, and we must hold Darrell to his campaign promises. The 2018 campaign for mayor starts NOW!




One response to “Message from Kerry Morris

  1. So, so close…am already working on my first 2018 election campaign poster – stand by.

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