Vancouver voting wasn’t confusion-free on Nov. 15 (Bob Mackin, Vancouver Courier)

It seems some confusion was evident in the City of North Van also – concerns about advertising within 100m of polling location; no ballot secrecy when confusion about ‘face up’ in machine; no ID if voter on voting list; the removal of the list of candidates from City website on Nov 14th — have all been raised to Voices.

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

Voting dayMedia and the public generally have no choice but to trust that elections are being run properly. But who is checking things? Are we as a society doing due diligence in our oversight and scrutiny of all election-related processes? CityHallWatch has confirmed that “Elections BC has no authority or role in the administration of local elections.”  The integrity of the election depends on one person — Vancouver’s Chief Election Officer, who happens to be a city clerk — employed by the City. More questions need to be asked about the 2014 civic election. Here are excerpts of a fresh article by Bob Mackin about just one of many irregularities that occurred. Tens of thousands of people may have been affected. Did this situation skew election results? For the full article, please see the Courier.

Vancouver voting wasn’t confusion-free on Nov. 15
(by Bob Mackin, Vancouver Courier, 20-Nov-2014)

A downtown…

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