Machiavelli Is Alive and Well in North Vancouver

Machiavelli Is Alive and Well In North Vancouver

by “Niccolo of North Van”

When the medieval Princes that ruled the city-states of Europe became concerned their subjects were chafing under their rule, it was customary to call in mercenaries and employ the latest suppression tactics to quell any uprising.

So too in the City of North Vancouver Prince Mussatto has survived a flawed but doughty assault on his rule. It was closer than he expected. And the debts he incurred for the mercenaries and their methods have yet to be paid.

There was the cost of the call center that strafed the principality with robocalls for a month leading up to the election.  There were custom signs that featured his beaming visage on the City-owned bike racks. There was all the money he directed his patrons pay to other candidates on his slate because they could not (why would they) fund their own campaigns.

Fearing it would not be enough, he dispatched one of his mercenaries to dig up dirt, no matter that it was old and irrelevant, on his adversary.  In order not to be seen soiling his own hands with such tawdry activity, he directed his patrons to prop up a fringe candidate known as the Pringlator and give him enough money that he would take on the odious task of hurling muck bombs at the Prince’s opponent. Apparently a thousand dollars is the cost of this service.

Fortunately for the Prince, the cumulative effect of all the strategies was just enough to eke out a win against the disorganized effort of the rebels.

However, uneasy sits the crown. The size of the Prince’s debts to his backers is not yet known. It is difficult to predict how much of the City he is going to have to give to them in return. Moreover, what has been up to now a passive and compliant citizenry might be troubled when they find out how extensively the Prince resorted to mercenaries and dirty tricks in defense of his rule.

Never mind. Four years is a long time and the City’s inhabitants have short memories. Plenty of time to dazzle them with platitudes and ferris wheels!


2 responses to “Machiavelli Is Alive and Well in North Vancouver

  1. I could never imagine you would see people such as Richard Walton or Mike Smith lowering themselves to the this level to assure a win. They would run a clean campaign from the start and welcome the competition. The residents of the District of NV and WV would not tolerate such bad behaviour.. They would not tolerate developers controlling their council chambers.

    The City of NV has stooped to the lowest ever under the Mussatto/Keating team Running against the team places you at a disadvantage right of the bat. People like Amanda Nichol ran a clean campaign on pennies while the Mussatto/keating squad have endless supply of cash from those who have a vested interest in the outcome of the election

    Then there are not only personal attacks from people such as Pringle but also the possible back lash from your union for daring to speak the truth.

    Interesting how it has now come to light how Pringle got information and why was he being dragged around by the Mussatto/keating group ?

    Pringle either on his own or from orders ? Made a ludicrous false accusation on Nov 10th of 2014 that I was caught by police stealing campaign signs. He also linked it to Kerry Morris and others who were running that would not succumb to the will of the supreme leaders.

    This not only had a negative effect on myself but those running against the slate..
    Pringle has not responded to demands of retraction and apology so i must pursue this in the courts.

    He has done his damage and served his purpose for now..

    So when you think of the King who sits on such a tainted throne. But all those who were working behind the scenes and what type of people they are to make sure his reign continues.

    People such as Craig Keaiting pres of the NDP, Benjamin Alldritt self proclaimed ” Political Mercenary “, Pringle what ever he is ? and all those who want to benefit financially such as the Money Villes… Then really two words do come in to mind.

    Machiavellianism and Totalitarianism

  2. “Niccolo of North Van” perhaps you should see my latest cartoon editorial that should be posted on Bill & Dorothy’s blog – North City Van News. Hoping it will make the airwaves before noon. It is a look into Mussatto’s inflated visionary future. Spewing his 2017 Thrown Speech from City Hall, but not from where you would expect City Hall to be.

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